Grand Indonesia Shopping Town

Project: Wayfinding and Signage
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
Client: Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
Team: DPC Design Pte. Ltd
    Information Design
    Signage Concept Design & Development
    3D Isometry

About the project

Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall is spread over two main buildings, the West and East Mall, and is linked by a multi-level bridge. This luxurious shopping centre consists of eight levels.Initial wayfinding signage design package was already provided by the signed architect. However, due to its complexity, owner required more additional signages to guide visitor from getting lost. We also needed to design a printed directory graphics to give sense of location and direction.

Design Approach

The map illustrates the isometry of Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, separated in different levels and color codes to give the user a sense of orientation and a clear mental map of the whole network. Tenant locations are listed and indicated respectively in their colour code location.

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