User Support Experience

Project: Service Design
Clients: TRV - User Support
Project duration:
2 weeks
        Service Designer
        User Support Agent
        Product Team
        User Journey Mapping
        Business Process Mapping
        System Mapping
        Data Visualisation
        Visual Analysis 

About the project

This project was set to identify on the as-is service delivery in User Support by conducting Service Design methods. The aim is to use the analysis to aid User Support strategy in building brand trust with their users as stated in the mission statement.


We conducted a User Journey Workhop with User Support agents to reflect collectively on the ongoing procedures, processes and touchpoints a hotel search user deals with when looking for help. The results were used to develop Experience Map and Service Blueprints as a holistic visualization that compiles and summaries information about the support system interaction.

By doing this we were able to:
  • Have an overview how a user reaches out to User Support and how is their journey from before until after services.
  • Identify the hannels and data related to each stage of user journey.
  • Define interrelations between Agent Services and Product Management processes

Uncover Patterns Using Data Visualization

Using trivago’s power of proof principle, we also dig deep into Zendesk Gooddata and visualize it within the experience map to uncover patterns and pain points. By visualizing data we received, we can see how effective the services are in reducing users queries on each channels.

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