FinTech Process Optimization

Project: TRV - FinTech
Project duration: 6 months
Cross-Functional Team:
    Process Analyst
    Product Owner
    HR Process Owner
    Product Marketing

    Lean Process Development Framework
    Business Process Analysis
    Process Mapping
    Stakeholder Management
    User Communication
    User Feedback & Retrospective
    User Education

About the project

In the FinTech project, I am a part of Process Analysis team. Our main goal was to map, analyse, optimise, and educate our internal HR core processes while ensuring SOX compliance and usage of the HCM tool up to its full potential. The project has a high level complexity as it involved various internal key stakeholders while dealing with various business processes.

Our Approach

With the purpose of optimizing processes while still being responsive to change requests, we develop a new Lean Process Framework based on the combination of Lean and Agile methodology. With this framework we managed to:
  1. Understand key stakeholder requests and discover pain points of the process.
    Method: Process mapping workshop with key stakeholders
    Tool: Paper+pen, Realtimeboard, JIRA Kanban Board
  2. Design end-to-end process flow
    Method: BPMN, Process Mapping, Stakeholder Mapping
    Tool: IBM Blueworks (mapping + documentation), Realtimeboard (ideation).
  3. Document business process repository for production.
    Tool: IBM Blueworks, Confluence (documentation)
  4. Process implementation, followed by user communication and education
    Tool: IBM Blueworks , JIRA (process management request), Outlook, Slack, Whatfix (user education tool/tutorial).
  5. Post-Release Evaluation
    Method: Core User Feedback Framework
    Tool: Outlook, Slack


Within 6 months of collaboration, we managed to redefine, optimize and implement 12 HR core processes (with 25 process variations) based on SOX compliance and tool optimization. Stakeholder alignment, communication and user education are key factors to the success of the project. Throughout the project we also were very open to exploring the best tool to achieve that.

See framework and methods below.

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