W Hotel Bali

Project: Wayfinding and Signage
: Starwood Hotels
Team: DPC Design
     Wayfinding Strategy 
     Signage Location Plan & Schedule
     Concept Design & Development
     F&B logo
     Technical Specification
     Management & Supervision        

About the project

W Retreat & Spa consists of 237 chic and glamorous hotel guestrooms and villas. The interior is finished in silver and granite, with vibrant colours to mimic Bali’s famous sunsets.

Design Approach

The wayfinding strategy was to create an identifiable pathway with a family of sign types, colours and materials applied to the whole route. The signages are mainly using simple laser cut polished stainless steel to compliment the interior design and to reflect its modernity. For villa area, text and symbol mounted onto aluminium panel oven baked powder coated with dark charcoal colour.

A key strategy was to create strong “W” icons at public arrival and beachside as the gathering point. These landmarks set a strong visual language that was then echoed in subsequent supporting signage.

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